OGEG 52 1198
Pictured at their depot in Amplfwang, 52 1198 was non-operational at the time. An unrebebuilt BR52, it was in good condition, though stored in the open. Note that compared with 52 3517 this example is not fitted with deflectors. (Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken {DWM} of Posen/Poznan 611/1943).
2 Sept 2000

In 2004, the loco was sent by öGEG just over the border to Passau for the Passauer Eisenbahnfreunde's celebrations and lay there for some months.

the stamped builder's details were paert of a plan to use less resource than conventional makers plates, and can be clearly read (click to enlarge).

Seen here inntheir yard 17 March 2004.

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