JZ 33-329
Another rescued JZ loco, 33-329 is seen at Strasshof near Wien. The chalked flag is that of Yugoslavia. Built for DRB as 52 5422, it came into the JZ via the USSR (TE 5422), and became JZ 33-033 in the mid 1960s. It lay unrestored still in April 97. (Schichau 3700 of 1943).
21 Aug 94.
The loco wa moved in 2004 as part of the Semmering 150th Anniversary and is on display at the Kulturbahnhof Mürzzuschlag. it was towed there by 1670.09 from Strasshof at 30kph in an 8 hour journey.
33-329 in the centre of a line of 3 JZ Br52s outside Heizhaud, with a fourth inside.
Designed by Ron Ferguson

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